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CASE Mercedes Benz 2


Salesforce Service Cloud for Mercedes-Benz

The Customer

Mercedes-Benz is an in 1926 founded German car brand which stems from the merger between Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft en Benz & Cie. Mercedes-Benz’s pioneering work has been shaping the future of mobility for more than 125 years. As the company itself proclaims in its slogan: “The best or nothing”.

The Customer Service Contact Centre of Mercedes-Benz − The Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center (MBCAC) − is located in Maastricht, The Netherlands. All customer services throughout Europe are thus provided from this contact centre. All countries, and therefore all languages, ​​are represented within the centre to provide customers with the best tailor-made service and follow-up of their car problems or questions.

To cope with all IT challenges associated with the Customer Service Contact Centre in Maastricht, Customer Link provides CRM expertise (Oracle Siebel/Salesforce Service cloud) support through consultancy and projects.

The Challenge

The contact centre and its permanent accessibility of roadside assistance − 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year − include many IT challenges. The Mercedes-Benz IT team manages a lot of the needed IT support and also creates a lot of applications by itself. In addition they also rely on the support of experts with a specific skill set. This is where Customer Link with its consultancy services and IT experts comes into the picture.

The Implementation

As a long-term consultancy partner, Customer Link has several consultants on hand to assist Mercedes with their developments within Compass (Salesforce & Oracle Siebel & .NET). Technical Analysts and senior developers offer insightful advice and share best practices and experiences in order to benefit Mercedes’ Salesforce environment.

Compass CRM is the Customer Relationship Management platform (Salesforce Service Cloud, & Oracle Siebel CRM) of the MBCAC. The application is highly customised and does not resemble much of the vanilla installation. The strength of Customer Link lies in the fact that the dedicated consultants know every detail about Mercedes’ processes in the contact centre.

Furthermore, Customer Link helped with the creation of the Blueprint for the contact centre worldwide. The compass environment Blueprint of Maastricht is the new standard for Mercedes in the rest of the world. Next to that, there are country specific requirements built within Maastricht in which Customer Link’s consultants also have their share.

The Results

Customer Link and Mercedes-Benz are preferred partners with 10+ years of successful cooperation. Over the years, various consultants have already been employed for the IT services of the contact centre of Mercedes-Benz, both local and nearshore, and with a constant of +/- 10 consultants per year. Their function and expertise varies according to the needs of the customer:

Within the long term history between Customer Link and Mercedes-Benz they worked together on different technologies:

“Customer Link is our preferred partner within the Compass CRM. They have been working with us for years and know all our processes. They have strong knowledge about the technologies we use within Compass”.
Nelson Venâncio, Coordinator Platform Management, customer Assistance Center Maastricht

About Customer Link

Customer Link wants to build your CRM system: a system that’s different from anyone else’s because it’s uniquely tailored to your wants and needs. We link your people, data, and opportunities in a unique flow that constantly creates positive ripple effects throughout your entire organisation.

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