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We love to hear you out and talk to you about your goals, projects or digital dreams. Use the form below or pay us a visit on one of our locations across Flanders.

Leave your details (secure) with us and we'll get back to you about your question or interests!

Locations near you


Duboisstraat 50


St-Salvatorstraat 18 bus 302/303


Stationsstraat 55


Veldkant 35C


Parklaan 22

Meet our team

Our business development team is eager to meet you and engage in conversation about what you want to achieve from a digital transformation, need in expertise or single project! Pick a face you like and contact us directly, we're always happy to help!

  • Headshot Anneleen - Outside

    Anneleen Vanhoudt

    If your mind is set on innovation, Anneleen's the one to talk to. After years of expertise bringing innovation to some one of the largest firms in the world, she's the one that knows how to help you be just that: innovative.

  • Headshot Mark - Outside

    Mark Verheyden

    Didn't make up your mind on who to talk to yet? Don't worry: Mark is the one you need. With a incredibly wide knowledge on a bunch of topics, he'll be sure to help you find the right people for the job.

Go ahead and get in touch, you're in good company: