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Experienced Mobile App Developer

Studio Hyperdrive

Studio Hyperdrive is an experienced digital product studio striving for durable digital growth. Already 40 strong. Based in Antwerp & Ghent!

In the last few years our team grew to a solid 40 people. Expanding our mobile tier, we are looking for a medior or senior mobile app developer to support this growth!

As a mobile app developer, you like to create nice and high-quality native apps, using React Native and PWA’s using JavaScript. You have a keen eye for good user experience, feel at home on the web and most importantly have lots of love (“lol”) for all things concerning React Native. You like to fiddle on the frontend but also know your way around consuming rest-api’s and the integration, expansion and creation of native modules. Most of all: you’re not afraid to try new and unknown things, based on the knowledge that you have.

You’ll get the chance to work on state-of-the apps for A-brands. You have experience in some or all of the following things: testing the application with unit and end-to-end tests, writing clean TypeScript code, deploying and testing an app for iOS and Android and making sure the application is working perfectly for every user on every possible device.

Everyone in our team gets the opportunities to shape his or her own role, so depending on your experience and professional goals we’ll also throw in some architectural and/or project-direction challenges. Born to guide a team of high-potentials past some complex challenges? We can make that work!  Let’s see how we can help each other grow, shall we?

Of course we’re not all about business and work, we believe in the healthy balance! You’ll take part in our many team-events, urban soccer-games, weekends, (lan)-parties and all other goofy/fun/sporty/unholy stuff the team comes up with.





We'd like to get to know you! Apply now and sent your resume and motivation letter to