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Data Architect


Building together

Hi there, we’re Arinti – a team of AI enthusiasts from Mechelen and Ghent! We’re convinced that artificial intelligence can and will shift our world, and we’re constantly on the lookout for colleagues to join our mission to make businesses leverage the power of data and machine learning to stay relevant in today’s markets. We partner with Microsoft to deliver outstanding and modern solutions to organisations, enabling them to make their large datasets work for them and upgrade their business processes.

There’s definitely a place for you on our team of data engineers, data scientists and ML Ops engineers, who are all eager to meet you from around the world. That’s right, we’ve got colleagues in Portugal, Ukraine and even Kenya, all waiting to have a chat with you about how your collective passion for well gathered data and meaningful insights!


What working in our team means

As a Data Architect, you’ll team up with 2 other Data Architects with 10+ years of experience and join our 10-headed team of Data Engineers, ranging from a couple of fresh youngsters to experienced data engineer, working in the field for years. They’ll be the team surrounding you on projects with clients or as a consulting team, so you’ll never feel alone in helping clients like Unilever, Roularta or SD Worx create the ideal data platform solution.

Of course, we’ll compensate you with a salary that rewards both your experience and your work, with loads of additional benefits, including a company car. We’ll also create a unique growth plan with and for you, leveraging on-site experience and renowned training- and certification programs, pushing you forward with the rest of the team and rewarding you for success.


Creating impact as a Data Architect

Clients need you to help them design and create data platforms and BI solutions, which you’ll be doing in all sorts of ways:


Easily convince us with some of these qualities

Surely you’re full of good qualities, but bring some of these to the table to immediately blow our minds:

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