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Customer Success Manager


Hyperautomate is a technology start-up that automates manual and repetitive work with software, freeing up human capital for more creative, social and cognitive work. This ambitious, young start-up does this with its own in-house (open source) Robotic Process Automation Software, whereby companies keep control over their automations. By the end of 2022, Hyperautomate will expand from 3 to 7 employees and to 15 employees by the end of 2023. Which means that your job description will change over the upcoming months. You will get autonomy of how your function will look like over time.


The job

As a Customer Success Manager, you will be involved in sales & marketing tasks. This gives you an extremely varied job. After a run-in period where you get to know the company, the products & the market, you will work out a sales & marketing plan. In addition, you will proactively approach customers by email (and/or other channels), follow up & become a lead generator. You are perfectly bilingual (Dutch and English is a must, French is a bonus).

Sitting still is not your thing. You are an entrepreneur! You will work very closely with the founding team and assist them in business development, marketing, sales, and many other non-tech tasks. You will play an essential role in the functioning of this young growing company! Your tasks will mainly focus on sales, content marketing and end-to-end responsibilities in project development. 


Your drive is your most important quality. "A 'no' you have, a 'yes' you can get" is your mantra. You are a real people magnet; you easily make contacts. You listen to people, and you can easily adapt to the situation. Building relationships are key to a long-term project. You are interested in innovation, technology & helping people to be the best version of themselves at work. To be eager to learn is an understatement for you. You are proactive and take the bull by the horns. You work autonomously & with a lot of freedom. That is why mutual trust is very important. You have a lot of energy and desire to achieve something. You throw yourself completely. You are a go-getter & you love the challenge of turning a “no” into a “yes”.


Some skills that will help you in this position:


What we offer

As a Customer Success Manager you have the option to work a flexible way as long as the work gets done. You are one of the first employees in our sales team and you will get a key role in an innovative and ambitious company with a strategic focus on growth and therefore many opportunities to expand your responsibilities over time and grow in a new role. Our leadership style is based on mutual trust: possibility of (partial) teleworking, flexibility in working hours...

We offer a fixed salary package that matches your experience with fringe benefits (mobile phone, laptop, meal vouchers, eco vouchers, transport allowance or public transport card, company car, fuel card...). In addition, a variable salary based on commission is also negotiable.


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