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Salesforce Service Cloud

The Customer Link is a 360° Salesforce Competence Center, with a specific focus on Customer Service solutions.

The Customer Link

Why The Customer Link?

Customer expectations are continuously growing and stakeholders want to be involved every step of the way. This demanding market challenges every organisation in its service offering day by day. We believe that State-of-the-art technology as Salesforce can only serve you best when it's positioned correctly, and when, why not, it becomes one of the "driving forces" for improving your digital and business strategy.
Greenfield implementations are just one part of the puzzle. The Customer Link has strong experience in strategic and business guidance, solution architecture, integration design, training, adoption guidance and managed services. That's how we offer you a 360° partnership. 

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Why Salesforce?

As from 2017 we chose to work exclusively with Salesforce Technology because of its very innovative technology roadmap, being Cloud based and being a technology market leader empowered by a worldwide community of experts. By co-working, co-thinking and co-creation, we truly look for the best fit in your organisation.

Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

Solution in the spotlight is Salesforce Service Cloud as the perfect answer to manage ever increasing service demand both from customers as from stakeholders and partners. Smooth omni-channel offering, efficient case management with extension online through portals and intelligent online channels have become inevitable. Salesforce offers endless smart and easy to maintain solutions to manage the most complex service and call center environments, both offline and online.

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When you don't have Salesforce in your midsize to large organisation:

Choosing for Salesforce as your central platform for every client-oriented touchpoint, is choosing for endless digital opportunities for gaining efficiency internally and improving your digital offering externally. Many EMEA and worldwide call centers and helpdesks are operating from within Salesforce and are gaining customer satisfaction while increasing productivity through every possible communication channel.

When you already experience the benefits of Salesforce:

TCL is focussing on midsize to large organisations. Like in Salesforce, we have a 360° view on both you ánd your end-customers and partners. It's our mission to be THE Salesforce partner that really invest in time, resources and extended training to provide you with the optimal ROI coming from your Salesforce environment. From inspiration on architecture or digital strategy, from interactive discovery workshops or trainings, from extended implementation projects or longterm consultancy based partnerships or managed services, we stay close to you and your challenges.

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One of the main differentiators of Salesforce is its scalability and being thé future-proof customer experience platform and technology in the market. There is a solution for every department or every process you want to include in your platform, all sharing the same customer data.
On top of that, Salesforce has endless possibilities for native and custom build integrations and is known al around the world for its numerous API 's and add-on functionalities available in the Salesforce App Exchange.

“If you need strong consultants that can deliver high quality results at an acceptable price rate, then The Customer Link is your answer. They offer us proactive consultants who think about innovative solutions with us."
Robbie Dugardijn - Chapter Lead Salesforce Engie


The Customer Link is there to stay. We really aim for long term co-operation with our customers. To give a rough idea: a MidMarket implementation project can take around 4 to 6 months depending on the scope and complexity of the environment. Shorter? Why not! Longer? Sure (if needed).

TCL’s Customer Growth Day

The Customer Link also organizes an exclusive customer event on December 2, 2021 at House of Innovation in Antwerp.

During this invite-only event we share keynotes about our latest Salesforce innovations and have interactive smash sessions with like-minded Salesforce users. Afterwards we enjoy a snack and drink and exchange (Salesforce) experiences. 

Would you like to receive an invitation to this event? Leave your information below and we will contact you as soon as possible! 

Get invited to TCL's Customer Growth Day on December 2, 2021

During this event we give a small number of interested organisations the unique opportunity to discover what we do and how we work. This event is invite-only so make sure to leave your information if you'd like to get invited (by mail of by phone).

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